Who discovered aol backdating contracts

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This is happening because Symantec was grossly negligent. All those giant companies should be firing up their lawyers and starting emergency procedures to change to a different provider.Anyone still using Symantec at this point is absolutely playing with fire.Again, remember that the person being punished here is not Symantec; you're publishing some poor development company who happened to use Symantec—one of the most popular cert providers on the planet—for an SSL cert. I'm not taking sides on the issue, because I honestly don't know that much about it.But comments like the above really trivialize the huge impact that something like this will have.If you thought carriers were bad now, just wait until they have the power to withhold Google Play services and apps to an OEM's future phones. The CA system is composed of alow-moving companies like Symantec dependent on, or more specifically, beholden to fast-moving companies like Google. Android can move quickly, but they have little to no leverage over the slow-moving carriers.This comment irritates me.1) The point of the first part of their post is not "we're too big", it's "a move like this would disrupt the lives of an awful lot of people." Even more so, consider what would happen if Google were to update Chrome to not accept these certs.

FWIW, Google has been working both technically and contractually to untangle this mess, and is one reason for the existence of their "own" line of Nexus and now Pixel phones.Android isn't a cleanly-separated stack where the manufacturer modifies only a certain part of the stack for their phone but Google could go and update another part without risk of breaking anything (is any software project?)Then, the manufacturers sell the phones to carriers, who usually request extra customizations to (at best) add their logo, or replace default apps with the carrier's own version.Yet they want to off-load the costs to the rest of the world to keep sites compatible with their IE8.Symantec has got to be facing some very large and very serious lawsuits from those very same giant companies they're try to leverage.

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