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The data was recorded onto magnetic tapes, and simultaneously converted into a U. broadcast format for transmission to Houston and final release to U. Deploy multicloud storage that protects, secures and efficiently moves your data between public, private and hybrid clouds.Mag Grip The Mag Sphere is a beautiful omni-directional flash diffuser that gives you the the best looking light possible.With efficient diffusion that saves battery power and an integrated gel slot that allows you to color correct your flash, no flash diffuser has ever been this awesome.

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Lets face it, film based gels with velcro or tape just flat out suck, and the Mag Gel is designed to quickly and easily adapt gels to flashes in seconds.Its unique, collapsible design delivers incredible control with unheard of simplicity. Shop Now Christian Cardona is an award winning photographer who masterfully utilizes off camera flash to tell the stories of his clients.Product, commercial, and portrait photographers rejoice. Shop Now A single Mag Grid focuses your light into a precision 40 degree beam pattern with minimal spill and hotspots. Image right: Pictured on the small screen in this image is sample raw data from a magnetic data tape before being split out into the various video, telemetry, biomedical sensor, and voice communications between the spacecraft and the Earth. (Click on image to enlarge.) In the event the tapes are found, NASA Goddard is taking steps to make sure all the unique hardware required to process the Apollo 11 moonwalk tapes is still around and can be used to make digital reproductions of the tapes.NASA has also asked that any paperwork related to the transfer of the tapes from the National Records Center to NASA Goddard and paperwork related to the NASA Johnson Space Center's transfer of tapes to the National Archives be preserved and digitized to prevent further deterioration of these historical records.

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