Validating sgml parser

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The MS-DOS binaries use a 32-bit DOS extender (included in the distribution), so that the MS-DOS 640K conventional memory barrier should not be a limiting factor in the use of SP.

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SX will warn about SGML constructs which have no XML equivalent." The distribution includes both source and Win 32 binaries (the sp120file included in the SP 1.2.1 Win32 Unicode binary distribution is required). SP is a "free, object-oriented toolkit for SGML parsing and entity management." SP is written in C , supports the LINK feature, is reentrant (a single process can use multiple parsers at the same time), is command-line compatible with SGMLS, includes an application [nsgmls] to generate sgmls-style output format, and an application [rast] to generate RAST output format (like SGMLS) conforming to ISO/IEC 13644.

For example, SPAM (SP Add Markup) will provide canonical SGML when SHORTTAG and OMITTAG have been used in the SGML source.

The output SGML is determined by the user's specification.

As a supplement to the links and information provided on public SGML software below, readers should consult Steve Pepper's "Whirlwind Guide to SGML Tools and Vendors." See the main bibliographic entry for the for a document abstract and detailed information about its contents.

See also the detailed software summary for 207 products extracted from the technical report of Eila Kuikka and Erja Nikunen [updated January 1998]: (a) the full bibliographic entry, or (b) the overview in the "Commercial SGML Software" page.

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