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Third place being a large box of chocolates; second-place another big box of chocolates and an educational book (see below) and finally, first place; the winning member of staff would receive a £25 Amazon voucher, a box of chocolates and I made a public promise, that whatever the idea, that we would aim to roll the winner’s idea out to all classrooms across the school and do what we can to facilitate it working whole-school. 100 teaching staff divide themselves into 15 reading groups to discuss classroom practice and theory, gathered from reading their books in small forums.You can see from the following photographs, staff taking part in speed-dating CPD. The most striking image for me, taken off-chance, is a shot of a newly qualified teacher, speaking with our headteacher; sharing ideas. I will report back on this next half-term once I gather initial feedback. In 2010, Ross Morrison Mc Gill founded @Teacher Toolkit from a simple Twitter account in which he rapidly became the 'most followed teacher on social media in the UK'.Afterwards, I have them reflect on the experience and what they learned. I hope you have success with “Speed Demos” and find it as rewarding as I have. Previously, in two other schools where I have led whole-school CPD, I have limited the creative options in training sessions for staff.

Last, I use an invitation (to make the idea enticing) with the following information to go over with the students while I verbally explain the “Speed Demos”. Then, you switch to your next partner and repeat (demo for five, listen for five). (Insert each student’s name here.) You may have to change the numbers depending on how many students you have in your class.*Don’t forget: five minutes for each group Round 11 – 62 – 73 – 84 – 95 – 10Round 21 – 102 – 63 – 74 – 85 – 9Round 31 – 92 – 103 – 64 – 75 – 8Round 41 – 82 – 93 – 104 – 65 – 7Round 51 – 72 – 83 – 94 – 105 – 6 Discussing the topic of speed dating sparks an immediate interest in students.Perhaps I am at fault for my own set of expectations; plus the context of the school and the school priorities of that time should be kept in mind, but this evening, I led a staff CPD session that was innovative, creative and engaging.Today, we offered teachers time to talk about teaching and drive grassroots pedagogy. I did ask staff very clearly, that if this session was of no value to them, then they must let me know so that I can ensure that we develop our CPD vision to become more meaningful to them; to have immediate and direct impact in the classroom.On each side of a table, were two seats facing each other.On each desk, there were two pencils and the following document: Prior to this event, I had asked staff in briefings and newsletters, to prepare and think about one idea that they could bring and brag to the session, to share with another member of staff.

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