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The nutrition service offered at the variety of venues around metropolitan Melbourne focuses on holistic, integrative and expressive health care, with the ultimate aim of focusing on the treatment of disease rather than simply the allopathic alleviation of symptoms.Nutritional supplements are only recommended when their likely benefit can be clearly demonstrated and clearly as part of a systematic, strategic and goal oriented health plan. Rocco has lectured at Swinburne Graduate School of Integrative Medicine and at the Australian College of Natural Medicine (ACNM).id=1758 or Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine: Consensus Group for natural recovery of children with autism, although my practice also caters for a vast number of adults with a variety of health problems, in particular cancer (I have a personal history of natural recovery from cancer) and Lyme Disease.

None of these websites are in any way offering a recommendation for specific providers. I am registered with several international organizations, the International Board for Clinical Metal Toxicology (Rocco has a particular interest in individually tailored, patient-centred nutrition intervention programs and the justifiable, evidence-based, strategic use of pharmaceutical grade natural nutritional supplements (as a treatment adjunct) in treating the cause of disease and alleviation of patient symptomatology.Rocco has a special interest in how food and nutrition (including nutritional supplementation) is crucial in the treatment of gastrointestinal and liver dysfunction and disorders; neurological/neuropsychiatric conditions such anxiety/depression, ADHD/Autism including learning and behavioural difficulties; Autoimmune diseases (such as Ankylosing Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis) and people with syndrome x (including people with diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, obesity) and more. Rocco Di Vincenzo is a Consultant Dietitian (Accredited Practising Dietitian - APD) and works privately in a variety of clinics around metropolitan Melbourne.Rocco is a certified practitioner of NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique).Rocco has had a keen interest in the area of Integrative Functional Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (IFNEM) for many years and is now formally trained in the area.

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