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I applied for and obtained a residence permit as a non-EU citizen married to an EU citizen who registered her right to reside in Sweden.

This procedure is essentially the same for any non-EU citizen applying to live in Sweden through marriage to an EU citizen (and a similar process for marriage to a Swedish citizen, however Swedish citizens cannot bring their spouses to Sweden immediately).

It is prominently advertised that if you apply online your wait time will be significantly less.

Migrationsverket writes on its wait time webpage that paper applications are processed in 14 months and online applications take 10 months.

What if you come to Sweden on a tourist visa and decide to get married all of a sudden?

If you need a visa to enter Sweden you should contact your country’s Swedish embassy where you can be photographed and fingerprinted.This agency is completely separate from Migrationsverket, and an application for your personal number (personnummer) that allows you to work involves many of the same documents you will have submitted for your residence permit.Helpful Migrationsverket Website Links: Skatteverket – Swedish tax agency responsible for issuing the personal number/personnummer (in English and other languages) Law – Aliens Act (206) (I can’t guarantee this is the most-up-to-date version with all amendments, but it is the legal basis for the residence permit) Comment Directory Please note that I’m just an average person who got a residence permit in Sweden.When you Arrive Make sure to bring the following documents with you when you come to Sweden: Taking the Next Steps Once you have your residence card you can breath a sigh of relief, but you still cannot yet work legally.To do this you will need to apply with the Swedish Tax Authority, also known as Skatteverket.

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