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C.; Belford Lawson, Jr., lead attorney in the landmark case New Negro Alliance v.Sanitary Grocery Co.; Alain Le Roy Locke, the first African American Rhodes Scholar and central figure in the Harlem Renaissance; Mary Jane Patterson, the first African American woman to earn a bachelor's degree; Ella Watson, subject of Gordon Parks's famous photograph American Gothic, Washington, D.Further north, "14th and U" became synonymous with a large African American community, later known as Shaw, encompassing parts of Logan Circle and U Street to the north.Segregation marked the emergence of this large area of well-preserved Victorian row houses as a predominately African-American community; the unofficial dividing line was 16th Street NW, several blocks to the west, with Logan Circle and its older homes sandwiched in between.The former home of Mary Mc Leod Bethune, an African American educator, author, and civil rights leader who founded the National Council of Negro Women, is located at 1318 Vermont Avenue NW, one block south of the circle.The Second Empire-style building is a designated National Historic Site and houses the Mary Mc Leod Bethune Memorial Museum and the National Archives for Black Women's History.

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C., the building was renamed in 1884 after a bronze statue of Martin Luther was installed on the church's property.

Gentrification in Logan Circle has resulted in a dramatic change of neighborhood demographics; since the 1990s, thousands of white young adults have moved into the neighborhood, while thousands of black adults have been forced to move out of the neighborhood.

The Logan Circle neighborhood, situated between the Dupont Circle and Shaw neighborhoods, is bordered by S Street to the north, 10th Street to the east, 16th Street to the west, and M Street to the south.

During this period, the original Victorian homes in the area were subdivided into apartments, hostels, and rooming houses.

The end of segregation saw a period of middle class flight from the area, punctuated by the 1968 Washington, D. riots, which devastated the 14th Street commercial corridor.

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