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I also always used to flirt to her saying she was so beautiful compared to my uncle…and one day even asked her the straight question I think you married my uncle for his money coz he’s not so good looking…she just yelled at me saying no he’s handsome and made her face frown down…

I could understand her and I tried to comfort her catching her hands.

The next day I threw my boxers and went to her just in my half pants.. With too much of eagerness but I kept on saying you’ll yell at me…no leave it I won’t say. Then by that I am sure we both your true horny we had forget we are aunty and bhatij and she without any redness and fear directly asked me you want to see them clearly now?

I could see today she was in a maxi usually she always used kurtha…just after guiding her a little I told oh aunty did you forget I haven’t completed about your beauty yesterday…she also with a little smile told me ok tell me what you were to tell me…I didn’t wanted my cousin to disturb us even today cause I totally I had made my mind totally to seduce her so asked her cousins will be disturbing us would you mind if i close the door and with a screwing look told me ok if u want u can…. And with a little courage I put my hands near her body and moved my hand curve from her boobs to ass and showed her this is good figure you have got good chest good back this is what I mean. I got a big bulge and as I was not wearing any underwear my thin cotton half pant my tool just stoop up enough to let her see the bulge…and I could she was just looking at them continuously but was uttering no voice…I guessed now she’s is hot enough to hear any dirty words from and I said I wanted to say you something but you may get angry shall I or not? Then she put her hands on my thigh and smilingly said tell me robin baby what is the thing then I said..actually I always used to stare at you from the terrace of our house when you used to take bath…then she shy said Oh no!! I was shocked to hear her saying this and instantly grabbed her boobs around my fist and started to smooch them hardly from her cloth above and she asked me wait I will make you more comfortable come to bed and she led me to her bed and as she was wearing maxi she pulled her maxi from down to total up showing her white panty which was yellowish I felt little dirty and her bra and asked me to now u will feel easy.

However now let me get me in to the real story…friends as by now u know I am from Nepal here most of the ladies not particularly ladies but women take bath in the terrace or in simple at the top of the house…as I said I am guy from a quiet wealthy family our house is 4 story which is among the tallest house over here….this was the best thing that ever could happen to me I used to go to the top and stare at women’s getting bath…and in the right side of our house I had my uncles house who was married to a beautiful aunty my aunt is now 32 with two kids though she was of 32 I don’t know why may be because of reading the insect stories in this site or because of her those big so tight boobs that I knew after I felt them and her those big ass that used to move like heaven while she used to walk I don’t know when I got attracted to stories build up like this.

It was about a month peeping them I came to understand that they had problems on sex.

Coz’ Reema dijyu was very sexy but her husband didn’t able to satisfied her.

I asked her what was the meaning of that scene what you have seen on the TV. I said, I understand this and put my hand on her boob and I gave her a kiss on her lips and she responded well to me by exploring my mouth with her tongue and I went on to explore all her body with my mouth. She was trembling a little when I pressed her boobs. I started fucking her and showed her how to move her but to get the maximum pain and pleasure in fucking. I took her to the bed and told her the doggy position and positioned her in a way that her butt was towards the dressing table mirror. All the time I was looking at her butt in the mirror and I couldn’t stop. I was kicking her butt so hard that they were changing to red.

As I removed her blouse, her boob came out as if it was released from some prison. When I sucking her boob nipples became rock hard, I sucked her boom very hardly and she was moning a lot, I suck her boob for 20 min and some liquid came out like milk. Oohhhhh please don’t stop please fast fast , she cummed I drank all her juice. Now the real show was about to begin, her pussy is too big surrounded with black thick hair. I was trying to enter finger in her pussy first one finger, two, three. She tightened her legs around my hip and I slowly entered my 7 inch cock completely. I reached her hanging boobs and squeezed them hardly.

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