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"They were like boils, with some itchy pink areas on my arms," Ron says.

The rashes can also appear on the trunk of the body.

Get tested for your own sake and for others: HIV is most infectious in the earliest stage.

Keep in mind that the body hasn't produced antibodies to HIV yet so an antibody test may not pick it up.

A person is considered to have wasting syndrome if they lose 10% or more of their body weight and have had diarrhea or weakness and fever for more than 30 days, according to the U. A dry cough was the first sign Ron had that something was wrong. But it went on for a year and a half—and kept getting worse.

One in five people in the United States with HIV doesn't know they have it, which is why it's so important to get tested, especially if you have unprotected sex with more than one partner or use intravenous drugs. One of the first signs of ARS can be a mild fever, up to about 102 degrees F.

Similar to the hot flashes that menopausal women suffer, they're also hard to dismiss, given that they soak your bedclothes and sheets.

RELATED: 5 Signs Your Hormones Are Out of Whack Another sign of late HIV infection are nail changes, such as clubbing (thickening and curving of the nails), splitting of the nails, or discoloration (black or brown lines going either vertically or horizontally).

RELATED: 10 Reasons You Have a Sore Throat Skin rashes can occur early or late in the course of HIV/AIDS.

For Ron, this was another sign that he might not have run-of-the-mill allergies or a cold.

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