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Bioenergy consumption and investment in new capacity are supported by policy in many countries.(See Policy Landscape chapter.) However, in some countries, low fossil fuel prices during 2016 discouraged investment in bioenergy-based heating; unlike transport use of biofuels, bio-heat is not sheltered by blending mandates from changes in fossil fuel prices.

I really hate to be a party pooper, but what business did you have fathering three children if your income level was insufficient to securely care for and raise three children?Now, with Europe having taken the unprecedented step of seizing private funds of depositors, Rogers suggest that time is running short and that those with the means to do so should get ready for the worst: It’s pretty scary what’s going on in Europe…when they start taking money out of people’s bank accounts. Like Faber, who lives in the remote hills of rural Thailand, Rogers also owns property outside of major cities and says hard assets (commodities) will be one of the few safe havens during a major crisis. Author: Mac Slavo Views: Read by 48,915 people Date: March 29th, 2013 Website: I, for one, am making sure I don’t have too much money in any single bank account anywhere in the world. As students of history and economics, both Rogers and Faber understand that major cities are not the place to be when modern-day financial and convenience delivery systems fall apart. Copyright Information: Copyright SHTFplan and Mac Slavo.EU member states have promoted renewable heat in order to meet mandatory national targets under the Renewable Energy Directive.24 Germany, France, Sweden, Italy and Finland and Poland were the largest producers and users in Europe in 2016.25 In Eastern Europe, the market for bioenergy in district heating continued to grow; in Lithuania, wood chips have overtaken natural gas as the major fuel in district heating schemes.26The market for wood pellets for heating grew only slowly in 2016 as the mild winter in Europe – the world’s largest market – reduced demand.27 Nonetheless, Europe accounted for some 70% of global demand for pellets for heating, led by Italy, Germany, Sweden and France.28Biogas also is used in industrial and residential heating applications.In Europe, it is used increasingly to provide heat for buildings (space) and industry (processes), often in conjunction with electricity production via CHP.29 Asia leads the world in the use of small-scale biogas digesters to produce gas for cooking and water and space heating.

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