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After investigating what Google sends to IE, we confirmed what we describe above.We have made a Tracking Protection List available that IE9 users can add by clicking here as a protection in the event that Google continues this practice.

Microsoft recommends that customers who want to protect themselves from Google’s bypass of P3P Privacy Protection use Internet Explorer 9 and click here to add a Tracking Protection List.

Sites use P3P to describe how they intend to use cookies and user information.

By supporting P3P, browsers can block or allow cookies to honor user privacy preferences with respect to the site’s stated intentions.

Google’s P3P policy is actually a statement that it is not a P3P policy.

It’s intended for humans to read even though P3P policies are designed for browsers to “read”: P3P-compliant browsers interpret Google’s policy as indicating that the cookie will not be used for any tracking purpose or any purpose at all.

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