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This, however, broke the end-to-end principle of Internet architecture and methods were required to allow private networks, with frequently changing external IP addresses, to discover their public address and insert it into the Domain Name System in order to participate in Internet communications properly.

Today, numerous providers, called Dynamic DNS service providers, offer such technology and services on the Internet.

This results in your DNS data being inconsistent for only 5 seconds instead of an hour as in the initial example.

Don't forget however to increase the TTL again, after changing the record and assuring that your change was successful.

This feature required that DNS servers be kept current automatically as well.

However, the rapid growth of the Internet and the proliferation of personal computers in the workplace and in homes created the substantial burden for administrators of keeping track of assigned IP addresses and managing their address space.In the initial stages of the Internet (ARPANET) addressing of hosts on the network was achieved by static translation tables that mapped hostnames to IP addresses.The tables were maintained manually in form of the host file.a resolver who already queried your nameserver 8 minutes ago) would still see the old IP address ( if a resolver queried your nameserver 8 minutes ago, it would see the old data for the next 52 minutes because the "Time To Live" value's set to 1 hour meaning that the record may be cached for 1 hour.

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