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During this period of my life, I learned to spot the girls who lingered for a little too long on those sites, and I began to learn that this meant one of two things: she is a serial dater or she has problems and moves from one guy to the next rapidly.

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This might be stating the obvious, but you’d be surprised how many men sign up for a dating website to meet Filipinas online, who ticks all their boxes, and dives right in without a thought for the morrow.

Eventually, however, you’ll want to meet face to face.

Coming to the Philippines is a great idea in and of itself.

Love is love, and when it strikes there’s very little you can do.

One thing you can do, however, is let time do what it does best and give you some perspective. First, those crazy brain chemicals that have you all over the place, eager with anticipation to fly directly to the Philippines and meet your new lady friend will calm down and level out and think about things clearly.

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