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Yat also lacks the typical vowel changes of the Southern Shift and the pin–pen merger that are commonly heard elsewhere throughout the South.Yat is associated with the working and lower-middle classes, though a spectrum with fewer notable Yat features is often heard the higher one's socioeconomic status; such New Orleans affluence is associated with the New Orleans Uptown and the Garden District, whose speech patterns are sometimes considered distinct from the lower-class Yat dialect.One historical English dialect spoken only by those raised in the Greater New Orleans area is traditionally non-rhotic and noticeably shares more pronunciation commonalities with the New York accent than with other Southern accents.Since at least the 1980s, this local New Orleans dialect has popularly been called "Yat", from the common local greeting "Where you at? The New York accent features shared with the Yat accent include:, and the coil–curl merger (traditionally, though now in decline).For English as spoken in South America, see South American English. largely superseding the older Southern American English dialects.With this younger and more unified pronunciation system, Southern American English now comprises the largest American regional accent group by number of speakers.Prior to becoming a phonologically unified dialect region, the South was once home to an array of much more diverse accents at the local level.Features of the deeper interior Appalachian South largely became the basis for the newer Southern regional dialect; thus, older Southern American English primarily refers to the English spoken outside of Appalachia: the coastal and former plantation areas of the South, best documented before the Civil War, on the decline during the early 1900s, and basically non-existent in speakers born since the Civil Rights Movement.

and differ in many other respects from the main body of Southern dialects".The Savannah accent is also becoming more Midland-like.The following vowel sounds of Atlanta, Charleston, and Savannah have been unaffected by typical Southern phenomena like the Southern drawl and Southern Vowel Shift: which combines elements of Acadian French with other French and Spanish words.Today, this French dialect is spoken by many oolder Cajun ethnic group and is said to be dying out.A related language, Louisiana Creole French, also exists.

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