Dating advice from a woman

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Quiet men do best not to change their personality when they want to flirt.Rather than trying to turn into a social butterfly when interested in a girl, an introverted guy should find a sly way to approach a woman and leave her wondering how he really feels about her when the conversation is done.People always say he doesn’t say much, but when he does, people notice.An introverted guy doesn’t always need to have something to say.Now that you’ve experienced a bit of life, you know that having a partner you can rely on for the long haul, who will be honest and open with you, is as important — if not moreso — than that chemistry.There’s also less focus on the physical now that you’ve grown into yourself and understand that there is a man out there who will love your upturned nose and your voluptuous thighs.But even if you’ve healed from your heartbreak and are ready to dip your toes in the dating pool once again, you may be completely and utterly terrified.

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Women may see this attractive quiet guy as a challenge and want to crack open his shell. They don’t need to become the obnoxious, loud and overly-present socializer to attract attention.

**Thanks to my wonderful friend Caty for contributing this article.

One minute you’re married…the next you’re Googling dating advice for women after divorce.

Introverted men are often extremely shy around women, but that’s only because they don’t understand the power they really have.

You don’t have to be the outgoing, gregarious guy to get all the ladies.

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    Whether from the start, via divorce, or some other scenario, eventually you will start thinking about having a partner.

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