Dating a businessman pros cons

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Now if he’s hot, loaded, got a great sense of humor, can talk deeply, be vulnerable, laugh when he feels like crying, and rocks the mattress, then by all means grab him and don’t screw it up! Tired of playing date blanket bingo and coming up empty handed?

Let’s take a look at the real you and find out exactly why you’re coming up short in the dating world and what you can do to hit a home run in the game of man meet man, man date man, man make a life with man world.

All of them were inspirational in what they did and how they conducted themselves.◊♦◊I confess, I am biased as you might have guessed.

For me, it is a “strong” woman I want to be in relationship with.

Our attraction to straight men often comes from their masculinity, demeanor, social prowess, and fatherly/husbandly DNA. This doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of pursuing a serious dating or long-term relationship.

Of course good looks, a tricked out body and killer smile sure make the whole package more desirable. It simply means they’ve got a lot of irons in the emotional fire and you might accidentally get burned.

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Some were creative types, some business women, some stay at home moms, some single working moms, some were Grandmothers and they were grand indeed.A strong man does not see the cons as cons at all, but as opportunities to grow and become more than who he is.Here are the pros for going out with a strong woman.Making Time for One Another Handling their Emotional Needs Sustaining the Relationship Community Q&A Dating an entrepreneur is a unique experience.It can be thrilling to date someone with their own sense of independence, curiosity, and resolve.

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