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They include: fine motor development, child and parent relationship, safe and secure learning environment, parental education and maximum time for practice.From numerous academic studies and our instructors’ education background, we know that until the age of 4, children don’t possess the fine motor skills necessary to coordinate “conventional swimming”.If you’re not in the market for taking a group swimming class and want to learn in the privacy of your own swimming pool in your own backyard, you can hire an instructor to come out and teach you there.You will want to either observe the instructor or meet with him or her prior to the class to make certain there is a good rapport between the two of you as it will make learning to swim much easier if you’re taking lessons from someone you feel comfortable with.A core of successful cultivation of swimming skills at an early age is parents’ involvement in swimming lessons.Most swimming instructors in Chatham agree that for the best results kids under the age of four must be accompanied by adults when they learn to swim.In no time you’ll learn to enjoy yourself in the water so you can swim and play with your children in the comfort of your own pool.

In your swimming lesson you should be prepared for a session in which you will learn to become comfortable with putting your face in the water, holding your breathe and then going back under again.

Parents can also take this opportunity to bond with their children during this period.

There are two main reasons why adults who do not know how to swim were not able to do so when they were young.

For many children it becomes a treat, as they are allocated one-on-one time to play with their parents.

Here a magical bond can be established between children and parents as they learn together in the children swimming lessons.

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