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Please dont waste your money on this app it is an absolute rip off. They are now threatening debt collection lol they are getting nothing. All very appealing on the outside but wait until you try to delete your profile. This place is ridiculous, I would have preferred to flush the money down the toilet it would have given me more satisfaction! I tried to cancel my membership but the be2 website did not let me. I call them and I told them that I got scam by be2. When I queried it with them they told me that is what the weekly amount was. I told them I had sent emails weeks in advance trying to cancel. Note to self read reviews before joining anything I want to actually give -0 stars. Coz I didn’t check my bank account at that point of time so, they got away with it!!!! I eventually had to cancel my credit card and resort to the bank to get (some of) my money back. Sent 3 Letters within the 14 day notes period according to their terms and conditions, did not hear at all from them. And I didn’t know I was charged 9 way back in Dec 2017! I lost 9 for nothing and I may lost another 9.40 ! When I tried to delete my account it was almost impossible to find where that was on their website and when I did it was ludicrous. After sending endless emails and a letter to remove my profile I still kept getting charged. signed up..not like it so tried to cancel premium membership after 1 week. This company owns dating services that target all the main languages on earth including English, French (Be2.fr), Italian (Be2.it), Norwegian (Be2.no), and German (Be2.de) to name only a few of them.Just like we do with our adult dating reviews we registered as a free member on this site to see exactly how it operates.After paying I soon discovered there wasn't much in my area to chose from and cancelled two days later after joining, making sure I was giving them their 15 days notice.I noticed in their terms and conditions that I had to send a fax to cancel my membership.

This is one indicator that leads us to believe that Be2is a real dating site.

It is a trap for the vulnerable and I suggest others to stay away. I have disputed the charges and hopefully my financial institution with resolve this to my satisfaction. To Whom It May Concern I handed all of the information and communication between myself and be2 to the disputes/fraud department of my banking provider. 1 month later I found they took an additional 0 from my account.

This site is fake, profiles are fake and customer service responses are automated. I spoke to 1 guy only who told me he got matched with 500 women.

Another method we use to identify scammy dating sites is a software program called Tin Eye.

This helps us to find fake profile photos and the exact locations where those profiles have been stolen from on other sites (many times amateur porn sites).

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