Albanian dating traditions

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Many centuries Albania participated in internecine wars and always could happen a situation when the man in the family just does not remain.

Then, domination and all family property passed into the hands of a single woman.

Usually, the rural areas follow the traditions, and the urban areas follow the foreigners.

Traditional Albanian weddings are rather epic they begin seven days before the ceremony.

When the bride enters her new home, a little boy waits to take off her sandals.

There he finds some money, hidden there intentionally.

In the megalopolises girls do not take on a headscarf or chador, all are dressed in European style. By truly, I mean excluding the weddings they see in churches at western movies.A beautiful detail in a wedding in which my father was the cameraman.The family of the groom entered the bride’s house by the front door as ‘usual’ guests.The groom and his brothers entered by the back door, and along with the bride they left the house through the window, and went on to be wed.

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