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Instead of projecting my insecurities onto him and wondering if I was enough, I just had fun because I knew our age gap made a future impossible. And that was because I approached both in almost exactly the same way: with a strategy, spreadsheets and a lot of anxiety about presenting my best self and hiding my weaknesses. When he admitted he had no idea what he was doing with women and made things up as he went along, I assured him this wouldn’t change — no one knew. Just like the men, I spun stories broadcasting fake confidence.But I confided in my neighbor about how hard the year had been and how worried I was about finding a job and a man to love.And I was always so confused why a 26-year-old was upset about our parties.I thought you were just an old soul.”Diana and I danced to “Jump” by the Pointer Sisters, a song he didn’t recognize.He was the one who almost always decided when we would hang out, and I complained it wasn’t fair that everything seemed to be on his terms.I was pressuring him, reverting to my worst dating default behavior, and he fled into his apartment.Before Diana left at 4 a.m., she whispered to me, “He likes you.Hook up.”I offered a hushed protest, insisting he was too young.

When we woke up, hung over, a few hours later, I begged him not to tell his roommates.

Twenty minutes later Diana and I arrived, and he showed up with a bottle of vodka and cans of Diet Coke.

Soon he was laughing, saying, “My roommates can’t stand you.

As we neared our doors, I said, “I’m moving out, so you guys can blast your music all night long. I followed up with a text, proud to be out on a Saturday night. We messaged back and forth; he was on his way home.

When I asked if he wanted to join us back at my apartment, he said yes.

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