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I also tried 4 similar services like ustream but they were more laggy and not smooth SO I am starting to believe that broadcasting from your cell phone is not really great!

I have a similar request and was wondering where you are with this endeavor of yours. Get an excellent view through the foscam viewer app downloaded to an i Pod. However, I want a similar stream to find its way to a webpage.

This season bird watchers and wildlife lovers can take a glimpse into the birds’ daily routine. It’s a sure sign of spring, as a pair of ospreys have returned to their nest at Krasny Bor on April 4.

They can be distinguished by the colour of plumage – the male has a white throat, the female with speckles.

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Thanks for looking for me for a standalone IP cam that provides a direct stream to Youtube - I know there are some but I also know that they are very expensive and I can not affort more than 100 euros for this camera!As soon as the birds arrived they immediately started to adorn their new house. Belarus zubrs and deer live stream cam installed at Vitebsk farm They brought branches and digged a hole in the center of the nest.The most interesting moments of the birds life will be published on Facebook page of the hunting farm.I will try to find a solution that involves a pc after I try broadcasting with an old cell phone of mine!I tried ustream free service with my cell phone - it does a nice job but it has nearly 20 seconds delay or maybe even 30 and it also pops up full video ads sometimes with their sound that is really confusing and some times annoying for anyone watching.

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