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Mental anguish is often harder for parents to identify than the signs of face-to-face bullying.

In general, it is important to keep an eye on your child’s behaviour patterns and if you feel something is amiss, be aware that things may not be OK in their world (either on or offline), and be there for them. Even if you don’t really understand, let them know that you will help them.Most cyberbullying between students can be resolved at school level, but schools may not be able to report cyberbullying between individual students to the police so it can be up to the parent to make a police report.A police report should not be in place of a school investigation, rather, in addition if required.Take a screen shot of the evidence - ask your child for help to do this if necessary.An easy, non-technical way to get hard copies is to bring the content up on the screen of a mobile phone and use a photocopier to take a copy of the screen.

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